Monday, June 4, 2012

Updating by Shapes

Tank top - Revolve; Blue/White top - Tommy Hilfiger, via consignment; Cargo Pants - Athleta, swapped; Shoes - Keen City of Roses Cutout Sandals; Necklace - gifted; Hat - Shihreen
If you're just starting to step out of your stylistic comfort zone, one way to do that is to expand within a reliable neutral palette, but move toward a new silhouette.  Indeed, this is a great way to move slowly and ensure that new items will meld into your current wardrobe as you explore.  Traditional palette, new shapes!  

For those of us who are shy about color, neutrals can provide a feeling of safety as we try new styles.  In this pic I'm doing a very conservative palette in an updated way.  I'm loving this combo of navy, white, grey/taupe, and cognac ... but shocking it is not.  What makes it fresh are the shapes involved: the top is a criss-cross v-neck with an empire waist; the rolled up pants are a tapered cargo; and the sandals, while flat, have the feel of an on-trend peeptoe bootie.  There's even some pattern-mixing going, between the ombre stripes of the top and the print on the necklace beads (hard to see, I know, but trust me).  

So... are you in the market for some new tops?  Try on some in your favorite neutrals, but give tunic lengths, interesting prints, or different necklines (cowl, v-neck, embellished with sparkle) or sleeve-types (cap sleeve, flutter, 3/4 length) a try.  Pants?  How about a super wide leg, flared bootcut, or a rolled up straight- or skinny-leg (so cute for summer)?  Shoes?  Scope out a shoe website and type your favorite brand into the search to get a feel for the new seasonal collection.  You'd be surprised at the way brands change their offerings every few months to keep up with trends - and they pretty much always keep neutrals in the mix. 

No matter your budget, or whether you shop new, thrift, or consign, trying new shapes in a neutral palette can allow for slow transformation.  Try neutrals in a new way, L.    

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  1. Agree, changing shapes are really where fashion gets interesting. Thankfully crop tops are not the "in" shape. I love long lean lines. Thanks for sharing on Monday Mingle and have a great week.

    1. Oh my, crop tops - I'd have to buck that trend for sure! Have a great week, too!


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